How Much Atta For 1 Person Per Month


The amount of atta (wheat flour) required for one person per month can vary based on factors such as dietary habits, the frequency of consumption, portion sizes, and whether other sources of carbohydrates are also being consumed. However, I can provide a rough guideline based on average consumption patterns.

On average, for a person with a moderate consumption of chapatis (Indian flatbreads), you might consider an estimate of around 5 to 7 kg of atta per person per month. This assumes that the person consumes chapatis as a staple food item for at least one meal a day. This estimate is based on the assumption that a person consumes roughly 4 to 6 chapatis per meal, with some variations.

Of course, individual preferences and dietary needs can vary widely, so this is a general estimate. If the person consumes more chapatis per meal or has a higher frequency of consumption, the amount of atta required would be higher. It’s a good idea to consider your own consumption patterns and adjust the estimate accordingly.

Additionally, keep in mind that this estimate only considers atta used for chapatis. If the person consumes other wheat-based products like parathas, naans, or other dishes that use atta, the total amount required would be higher.

For a more accurate estimate, you could track the amount of atta used over a few weeks to gauge monthly consumption based on your specific eating habits.

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